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Beyond a New Earth
The Birth of a Super-Conscious Brain

~ Pandit Gopi Krishna

This is a first hand account of the awakening of Kundalini --and of the awakening of super-conscious awareness.

This video is excerpted from a two hour interview of the late Pandit Gopi Krishna, conducted in November, 1978, by Louis Rogers, Ph.D., publisher of "Inner Paths Magazine." Pandit Gopi Krishna of Kashmir, India, was the author of more than one dozen books on mystical experience and the evolution of the human brain. The Pandit was internationally recognized as the foremost authority on Kundalini, the evolutionary mechanism in human beings. The interview went on for more than two hours and was video-taped by Global Concepts, Inc., in Stamford, Connecticut, on the occasion of the Pandit's first visit to the United States.

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