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The mission and purpose of the Kundalini Research Foundation is to promote the scientific investigation of enlightenment, inspiration, genius, and the evolution of consciousness.

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Inspiration and Credo
The Order of the Philosophers

Deep down in the human soul is implanted that divine instinct which reveals to man his oneness with God and his fellows. Any willful segregation of a soul, or group of souls, for the puspose of syndicating God's benefits to His children, is rightly esteemed unnatural, and is sooner or later disintegrated, whether by force, opinion, or the trend of human evolution which is in accord with the divine Law of Nature willing obedience from all things. The Order of the Philosophers, if not in accord with this Law, could not have endured through every age of which records exist. This organization is composed of those souls who have reached the crest of evolution on this planet, and who have passed beyond intellectualism into spiritual realisation. The aim of all souls who have attained to this level of consciousness is an entirely disinterested one –the stimulation of human evolution and the benefit of mankind. They have renounced self (the personality). Renunciation is the word of power compelling admission to this Brotherhood of the Servants of God, and inevitably bringing association with its members through the attainment of that consciousness which transcends the barriers of time and space.

There are no oaths, no vows of secrecy, and nothing is required of a member which is contrary to the dictates of his own soul. Yet, no true Initiate has ever been known to sell divine knowledge for money or to exercise his spiritual gifts for personal gain.

    —Comte de Gabalis, by the Abbe N. de Montfaucon de Villars, Paris, 1670; Rendered out of French into English, with a commentary by Lotus Dudley, New York: Macoy Publishing & Masonc Supply Company, 1922, page 12.


A: Scientists in general, and biologists in particular, prefer to shut their eyes to the obvious explanation for the progress made by humankind thus far, because the implications of continued biological evolution of the human brain are too terrific to contemplate. In the first place, it shatters one of the fundamental concepts of biology--that evolution is not predetermined and has occurred by random mutation of the genes.

The second issue raised is, what is the target of this evolution? If the target is a more elevated state of consciousness, the conclusion becomes irresistible that there is a plan in creation, which shatters the materialistic concepts of modern science. The third issue which arises is, if there is a biological evolution of the brain, how does it influence our social, political or religious life, and what steps are necessary to take to conform to this irresistible change in the structure of the brain.

The host of social, political, economic, spiritual, and philosophical problems, which the acceptance of this single idea involves, is so vast that the average intelligent mind is incapable of dealing with it. Once the idea is accepted, there will occur an upheaval in every sphere of human activity and thought. The world will not then be what it is now, and mankind will not continue to live in the same way.

    – From A Kundalini Catechism, by Gopi Krishna.

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